Orlando Web Design Methodology
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Orlando Website Design Methodology

Website Design Strategy & Consulting

Phase I: Strategy, Communication and Research Consulting: Defining Strategy

The key to all our projects is communication because great design starts by understanding your problems, we begin by asking questions. We work to understand your strategic goals, audience, project parameters and desired outcomes. We define the design problems and discover strategies for solving those problems effectively.

At this stage, we provide:

  • Analysis of current website
  • Review of goals and objectives
  • Assessment of technical requirements
  • Assessment of future needs
  • Development of production schedules

Phase II: Planning - Mapping the Process

We structure your design process so that every detail is accounted for and expectations are clear. The architecture of the site is designed in this phase. It is in this phase that wireframes, content outline, and functional outline are prepared.

At this stage, we provide:

  • Information architecture, navigation and user flow analysis
  • Site map and wireframes

Phase III: Design - Engineering Your Experience

Once the architecture is agreed upon, we develop a design that incorporates the site goals, branding and tone that we have uncovered during our first two phases. We explore appearance, content and interaction. We work with you to create an overall digital experience that captures the essence of your organization and the way you relate to your users. Usability is a key focus here, including follow-through on the concepts detailed in the wireframes.

At this stage, we provide:

  • Strategic design concepts for evaluation
  • Refined design direction for the chosen design direction
  • An interactive prototype

Phase IV: Testing and Delivery - Ensuring Quality

With the system built and in place, this phase enables us to conduct rigorous and extensive quality assurance testing of your website and associated applications. We don’t just look for what’s working; we also look for what doesn’t work.

At this stage, we provide:

  • Testing of development site
  • Deployment of website
  • Post-launch bug fixes

Phase V: Training and Maintenance - Ongoing Value

  • Avid Web will provide a one-time training session for your system admin and staff on the proper use of the content management system (CMS).
  • Technical support is available to provide ongoing website maintenance. Avid Web offers several flexible maintenance plans based on the number of quarterly hours allocated to the site.

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